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I Was On The Moon

by Owen Plant & Brother Vic

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Kathleen DePietro
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Kathleen DePietro This is an amazing cover of this song. Simply love it. It is edgy and done like I have never heard it before. The whole cd is so good my friend! Favorite track: Ain't No Sunshine.
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By Owen Plant & Christopher Tyng looking for a smooth landing spot/ not for us but for those who'll get their shot/ a tranquil sea is but meters away/ and it looks like one day they'll look up and say/ I was on the moon at the end of a tether/ I was on the moon, not stirring in any weather/ I was on that moon, hugged by silence so profound/ I was on the moon, oh look at what I found!/ their names are locked into history's vaults/ filed at the top with the wheel and salt/ oh how I long for that zero gravity/ I just want to feel the kickoff setting me free/ I was on the moon, kicked rocks as far as you can yell/ I was on the moon, story's never old to tell/ I was on that moon, easy as one, two, three/ I was on the moon and I want you to be/ perfect site ahead wouldn't you agree?/ what's stopping us but what we cannot see?/ it all checks out fine then malfunctions do come on/ maybe Buzz & Neil can get us when all's said & done/ I was on the moon, read genesis from there/ I was on the moon, cleansed of all my fear/ I was on that moon with the last of our air/ I was on the moon, whistling for all to hear/ if we were on the moon at the end of a tether would we find ourselves soon not stirring in any weather?/ if we were on that moon hugged by silence so profound would we find our way home, our feet back on the ground?
Surrender 05:23
the fighters were broken/ the lines had collapsed/ the word that was spoken a previously unspeakable act/ lay down your arms/ raise up your hands/ "surrender!" surrender at last/ the order like wildfire burned through the ranks/ each new man that it touched set on a new path/ and now we could whisper/ utter some thanks and surrender/ surrender at last/ all we ever knew was glory and war/ turns out the first one was only meant for us if we left our bones on the battlefield/ our faces back home frozen in (a) frame(s) of steel next to the flame(s) that never heal(s)/ strange feeling wounded with a body that's whole/ they made sure to close every cut and to set every bone/ but when I asked the healer to please return me my soul she said "hey, that's between you and your god, besides we can't return something that was never a loan"/ all I ever knew was glory and war/turns out the first one was only meant for me if I left my bones on the battlefield/my face back home frozen in a frame of steel next to the flame that never heals/I was forged for war so I thought I was iron
I was calling to tell you that it’s been far too long/ that is I was until I stopped to look down/ there you were, calling me, I should have known/ we started with all the stuff one would expect of two old friends who’d lost touch but not lost love/ it wasn’t you, it wasn’t me as I remember/ I’m trying harder than I did when I swore that I couldn’t try harder if I wanted to more/ I’m not a different man but maybe less sure of what I know/ “unfettered, untied” that’s what I told you I was/ had to act as if for longer than I planned but I’m about as free as I’ll ever be now, love/ feel that love inside like the deepest well that never runs dry/ you are part of me even when you’re gone you set me free
New Heart 03:35
hey hey mamma got a brand new heart/ old one was a lemon can't tell you how many times I took it apart/ so much trouble it gave to me (got no troubles no more in need)/ but now it's zero to happy in no time at all cuz now there ain't no time to worry about/ (you said) buyer beware - well it all checks out/ I got a brand new heart/ like a born-again villain I'm changing my tune/ all will be happy - none of that gloom and doom/ if you don't believe me, then let my deeds be my proof and if you're not watching, I'll do 'em again if you want me to // that pretty bow on the bone I threw to you made you so happy, then I said "would you have rathered it be two?" well I know that that was wrong and I know what would've been right; share the whole damn meal bite after merciful bite and don't think twice
looking in your eyes I find to my surprise a heart as hard as mine can weep/ I think "it's easier alone" then I hear my soul crying out for the half it still needs/ falling into you like I'm gone with no traces/ all I want to do is keep falling all through the ages oh/ if I didn't know so, I'd say you were falling too/ sitting on the sand with the sun going down/ our fingers finally find a chance to meet/ a tiny little smile is all the proof I see that it isn't just an accident or me/ I don't want to run away/ I don't want to sleep/ all of me is with you dear and I want to be
Ride With Me 04:28
By Vic Riden & Owen Plant you popped up my hood, took a look inside now you got shotgun, but you can even take the wheel as long as you're with me on this fine fine ride I trust you baby and that is for real slide over here right by my side let's cruise the open road, nothing to hide oh oh ride with me to the end of the line drive me baby 'till the end of time doesn't really matter where we begin we ride together to the road's very end when darkness comes and hard rain falls when the day is long and the journey is so tough or maybe baby it's just that we gone and stalled well we got each other and that is enough with a wink I pull over to rest we lie down and share life's very best ah ride with me to the end of the line drive me baby 'till the end of time doesn't really matter where we begin we ride together to the road's very end we see others race on by I think "hey, what's the rush?" I like this speed we got child not too little and not too much how lucky a man am I that you just agree I could be that poor guy, thumb out with no one but me but that ain't the way it's supposed to be!
Oh Darling 03:39
oh darling don't you go changing cuz what you got is what I want/ that's true today, true tomorrow/ true from the moment that I felt that spark/ over my beating heart I said hello/ couldn't look too long and I backed out slow/ asked my friends/ I checked the signs/ called my mother just to tell her I just met my future wife // I can hear it (can't you hear it?) there's the whole world singing mixing melodies to find the harmony parts/ when you sing with me it's magic, always was, right from the start/ sang me a song with your headphones on/ so I couldn't hear the music just you alone/ closed your eyes and when you were done/ said that was the gift that you'd promised all along/ under a redwood roof we bound our hands/ then you were my woman and I your man /lit a candle and from that flame everybody lit their own/ cuz we were all the same
Riverside 04:25
well my toes are pushing mud at the riverside/ fishing pole standing guard/ cranes flying on high/ and the moss hangs low like it don't on the other coast and I can only guess what's watching me from the reeds like a ghost/ well they'll tell you you lost your mind that there ain't no reason, (there) ain't no rhyme but here's your living proof - I'm doing fine down by the riverside/ well I know my bucket's got less fish than bait/ that's not why I came here anyway/ it's been years gone now but I remember when I had some faith/ and it's been hours gone since I felt like I would hesitate // hey I found some skipping stones/ they're flat and they're smooth on top so I'll throw some now, more when I come back and we'll see, maybe they'll still be there for me/ I consider most people to be like a Monet/ blurry up close from far as clear as day but show me the river or the tree that ever wants it both ways and I'll show you the person always at peace always meaning what they say/ there's crystal quiet for you to find down by the riverside // they'll tell you you ain't got no time to just stand still and hope you find but one after one the answers float on by/ down by the riverside/ while I haven't had any crazy epiphanies/ I may yet - in the meantime the air is free
Busted 05:08
fly stuck in the Jim Beam/ hope it finds it's own way/ longer I look at it in it's struggle more it reminds me of me/ empathy is a human attribute and so is knowing when it's best to run or shoot/ next I see an ocean of what I want I'll run the other way/ won't give in to the taunt/ how the fraud gets busted/ best you not ask me/ I can never guess the endings of a pulp novella on TV/ here's a call to the fallen/ the count is one at least/ looking long and hard at why it's we don't get the feast/ "what chance against kismet?" he said as he turned to her/ she said "hey, that's a pretty good line and it's one I never heard"/ pull the shot through the ceiling/ further out to see the whole of the earth /two specks trying to get it on like it's for the whole universe // how you think you putting out the fire with no water, no sand, nothing to slow the growing intensity and power that's been waiting for a show?/ best you just let it do it's thing boy, there's a seed under the earth/ you always wanted to see a phoenix but you gotta let something die first! // how the fraud gets busted depends on how you read the tea/ everybody thinks they know it first or have a feeling anyway/ don't have a use for the sixth sense, can't even use the first three when it matters/ doesn't matter to me
ain't no sunshine when she's gone/ it's not warm when she's away/ ain't no sunshine when she's gone and she's always gone too long anytime she goes away/ wonder this time where she's gone/ wonder if she's gone to stay/ ain't no sunshine when she's gone/ this house just ain't no home anytime she goes away/ well, I know you gotta leave the young thing alone/ ain't no sunshine when she's gone/ only darkness everyday /ain't no sunshine when she's gone/ this house just ain't no home anytime she goes away/ well, my heart it weighs one ton cuz there ain't no sunshine when she don't come around/ feel like a suckah just lying here waiting for dis streggeh gial to come down from the air/ only dark, cold and stark when she's gone gone gone gone away/ anytime she goes away


released July 31, 2016


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Owen Plant & Brother Vic Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Jamaican-Born, Singer/Songwriter/Performer Owen Plant's style is reminiscent of artists from the '70s, old-time reggae groups and contemporary acoustic artists. His laid back, soothing and delicately honed vocals and songwriting are the center pieces of his sound.

His forthcoming LP, “I Was on the Moon” is his most ambitious in scope. It is slated for release early summer 2016.
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