Live By The Sun

by Sunshine Brothers

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released May 5, 2008


all rights reserved



Owen Plant Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Jamaican-Born, Singer/Songwriter/Performer Owen Plant's style is reminiscent of artists from the '70s, old-time reggae groups and contemporary acoustic artists. His laid back, soothing and delicately honed vocals and songwriting are the center pieces of his sound.

His forthcoming LP, “I Was on the Moon” is his most ambitious in scope. It is slated for release early summer 2016.
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Track Name: The Rum Song
a lickle bit a sweet
a lickle bit a rum
pinapple and sun
mek di spoon go 'roun
two hours 'til sundown
then people will come 'roun
where is di pan drum band wi pay?
remember what i tell you
'bout adding di ice in
iz bess if you wait 'til di night come
and duh!
tell dem dat it tase juss like juice
an it smell juss like fruit
but it lick you like a one ton

when you grow up in JA
and you come to L.A.
it's hard to get used to the fray
everybody rushin'
people all pushin'
the rat race is everyday
oowiii got to cool it all down now
put the worrying away
life is so fine
if you just take the time
to make it all stop
Track Name: Put it in a Letter
i didn't know where to begin
i was searching for a ryme
to tell you how i feel
in this short amount of time
i'm on draft number six
still got a couple of lines i could fix
but i ain't got much longer
so here goes

i found what matters
the thing that shatters
my defenses and it is you
we've only just begun
feels like that can't be true
since we were children
this love's been buildin'
call it destiny or call it fate
it's here for us to take
and i didn't think it could wait
so i put it in a letter today

some people say
it was chance brought us together
i disagree it was destined to be
and you must know this
when i first saw you i knew you imediately

if we're not right the world is wrong
that's what you always do say
we've got a few good friends between us
so i think we'll find our way
when oyu get this letter please
look out the window of your room
'cause darlin', i'll be comin' home soon
Track Name: Love Again
thinkin' about the people on the streets who have no bread only their shame
can't work out who put them there but anyway it's not about the blame
one thing for certain there's a sickness in this city though I don't know it's name
please won't you heal them so they can love again?

love again, love again...
please won't you heal them so they can love again?

thinkin' about the soldiers fightin' all for nothing biding their time
can't work out who put them there but even worse I can't see why
was it us who wouldn't speak? Was it men atop the beast of power reading our minds?
well anyway, won't you lead them home so they can love again?

love again, love again...
please won't you lead them home so they can love again?

it's just like a dream gone bad
wake me up and let in the sunlight

give us a chance to do right
we're gonna go the other way
why? because it's easier to just watch and judge all that we see
just freeze!
put your hands up to your head
say a prayer for every land
listen hard friends
Track Name: Drunk on You
sittin' alone in this self-serve bar
been days since I last heard your voice.
a plastic cup my only companion
these waves the only noise
as I watch the sun melting into the
westward where you are
it feels to me like the edge of the ocean's never been so far

but when
the sun no longer shines
and I'm all out of wine
i will still be drunk on you
and when the daylight is done
there's not a drop of rum
i will still be drunk on you

i wish I could tell you I'd figured it out
i knew where it all went wrong
then I'd call you up just to tell you in person or put it down in a song
if I emptied this bottle and sent you a note
maybe you'd come back soon
until then I'll sit by the edge of the ocean and drink by the light of the moon
Track Name: Sink or Swim
oh brother
i've been worried 'bout you
i know it's not my right but still I seem to
want to give a little shove
but it comes from love
don't you know this holdin' back won't keep you safe
and in the end there is no hiding place

i wish for you the ocean
a sky that's clear and blue
i'm holdin' on to the notion
that all your dreams come true
from time to time we all want to give in
well it all comes down to are you gonna sink or swim?
sink or swim

are you gonna sink, gonna sink or swim
because it all comes down to this in the end
I wanna know that you're fine without crossing the line
because we can't carry the man just the message
stay up late thinkin' 'bout you nights
out there alone in the city lights
come home my brother, sister
you don't have to do it alone anymore

oh sister
yeah I've been watching you
how you're takin' on the whole weight of the world
it's gonna break you down
drag you all around
don't you know this heaviness don't help a thing?
let it go and let your heart come out to sing
Track Name: She Calls Me
she calls me sweetness
she blows me kisses
they float up on the air like the seeds of dandelions
and she tells me the reason
is that i am so sweet - i doubt this
but she tells me this is right

like a branch cut form the vine
i'm thirsty all the time
come hold me like a littel child
and soothe me

i'm waiting for the other foot to drop, to drop
i'm waiting but still it has not
a cold voice comin' from the past
it says, it says you're waiting for this love can never last
Track Name: Solid Ground
i can't always claim to be
what you see in me
you keep tryin'
and i keep flying away
i'm always tuggin' at the seams

when i start to fall apart
and say that love is not enough

take my feet and hold 'em down
so i can find some solid ground
lay my head in the sea
speak to me i need your voice
because i'm lost here in the dark
stay right here next to me

ya i know what you do
what you do for me darlin'
there is no me without you
i'm not the best at saying it
so i hope you're hearin' this
'cause i'm playin' for you
i truely, truely love ya
Track Name: Sweet Girl
when i was young i didn't understand
why people act as they do
then i got older and i joined the plan
their secrets gave way to some major clues

and if my two feet fail me now i'll be fine
i've walked thorugh a valley where sweeter than wine
flows a river - i drink my fill every time
until i am satisfied by my

sweet girl
got sugar all over
and i don't know what to do with it
sweet girl
takin' all my time up
but that's allright i'm doin' fine

when i'm given all my choices
i like to be where it's warm
so to my surroundings i pay attention
seek the sunny spots - for me that's not a chore
from your fountain flows an elixer
one touch to my lips and only time
i will seek it out 'til i'm old and gray
and every time i find it i'll fall to my knees and cry
'cause i want more of my..
Track Name: Bee to the Rose
i was adrift like the wind in the trees
where the pea doves were singin' their sweet melodies
there I was - Not a care in the world
save for the smile of a beautiful girl
then you cam and you opened me to this
whole way of livin' I never knew exists
untied my hands
cleared up my lazy head
spoke to me and this is what you said

you can watch the world roll on by
(or) grab ahold jump up for the ride
why sit out when you can fly

i'm drawn to you like a baby to the mother; like a bee to the rose
points me like a needle on a compass; like a great river flows

teach a man how to fish and he'll fill up his boat
but you fish for the man and he won't stay afloat
gotta push while you offer support
livin' life to the fullest will always take work
grab all the joy anyway that you can
spread it among every child, woman and man
live by the sun and love by the moon
grab life, 'cause it goes by so soon

why watch the world roll on by
grab ahold jump up for the ride
why sit out when you can fly

people I wah tell you there are times in this life
where there are no easy days, only crazy nights
whole leap a trouble wid di gial dem and blue flashing lights
babylon hancuff yuh han' tight
lose what you love and you love even more
iz love dat you love at the core
think about it
watch the sun go down over the ocean you don't doubt it
mek di sunshine brothers lick you wid some music and you shout it
even in darkness deep down in di heart you have blindin' sight
you did show me dis you give me weapon fi fight wid
all di party yes I muss reck di mic
happiness our divine right
Track Name: Cerasse Tea
like a boat on a roiling sea
or a kite that cannot fly free
i'm like a song that struggles to be
without your love to carry me
sometimes i feel just like falling apart
when i'm having me this heavy heart
but when you sing to me and play
then i start to feel ok so

sing me that old sweet song
'bout a world where there's nothing that's wrong
rock me to sleep, rock me to sleep
be the spoonfull of honey in my cerasse tea
spin me that old folk yarn
'bout a world where we all get along
rock me to sleep, rock me to sleep
underneath our mango tree

get so sad when you go away
and i know it is quite silly to say
but the sky is darker
and every flower
i stop to look at
seems faint and dour
this absense does not make my heart
any fonder it just hurts to be apart
so please come back to me
don't be long 'cause it's you i need to

as a boy i would climb those branches
as a man i am taking some other chances
so not if but when i drop
i know you'll be there to lift me up

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